Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy September Everyone!

1st day of September, and the beginning of Fall well for some states anyway.. Here in Florida we are still in the 90's and will be for some more time. As much as I love Fall and want to decorate everything in Fall decorations and fill up the room with scents of cinnamon apple and pumpkin spice, i don't mind that we will be getting the great season of Fall much later then everyone else. Not that its much of the season here anyway but i still love the Florida Fall its nice and crisp out but on bad side we don't get any orange and red falling leaves. That still wont stop me from decorating everything in Fall in a week or less. At least i will have Fall inside my home. =) 

So on to my September first outfit.. 
Wore a grey and white striped shirt with glitters, gives it a girly touch.
Got this cute shirt from F21.

 I tucked it in to a black fluffy lace skirt..
Which i got from CR i believe.. (Bad memory =/ lol)

I put my hair up with curls on side for a sophisticated girly look..
Pinned it up with a bunch of bobby pins in the back and lots of hairspray =) 

Shoes & Accessories...

Grey flats

Hanging earrings

Vintage ring and bracelets with a watch to finish up the look.

I love adding rings, bracelets and watches to my outfits. Gives it a finishing look.
So thats my outfit for today, i would love to wear heels to work my whole closet is filled with a ton of heels but i walk way to much at the office to be wearing heels. Flats or sandals is a better way to go for me to stay comfy while doing a ton of errands. Weekends is when i go crazy with the heels. =) 


  1. So true who cares if its not fall out yet as long as you have fall in your home.
    Gotta say i love your outfit very cutely put together and i love all your accessories.


  2. Oh I love your top! The sparkles are fun:) I'm with ya, it's still quite warm out here in Southern California, but I'm not complaining since I don't like the cold hehe Though I do love fall scents, too!

  3. Jenny ~ Agree with you lol It will eventually come =)
    Thank you so much for checking my blog.


  4. The Owl's Closet ~ Thank you =) Ya i'm with you me and cold don't really mix.. I don't mind it for a week or two but then its go to go lol =) But fall is great, nice breezy warm during the day then chilly in the evening =)

  5. where did you get your cute flats?


  6. Julie ~ Got them in Target a while back.