Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Family Camping Trip!!

So in a little over a week me, my husband and my whole family are going up to North Carolina for 4 day camping getaway.... I'm super excited because i love camping (at least once in a while) and i haven't been camping in years. So i need to do some shopping to get sleeping bags, tents, etc.. etc.. 

So i was browsing through the net and found this super adorable tent and furniture which is called Glamping.. I just thought it was the cutest thing ever and i love the old school tent.. and all the furniture inside lol.. Thats for sure meant to be camped in more then a week, going through all that trouble.. lol

Our camping trip will most likely be out doorsy lol.. sleeping in sleeping bags with twigs and rocks underneath..

So i'm excited for S'mores!! C'mon one of the best things about camping... But i saw this different version of s'mors a more healthier version and might just actually try it, of course first ill have a marshmallow s'more then i could try out the banana and dark chocolate.. Looks delicious.

I'm very excited for the bonfires, swimming, fishing, shooting (bee-bee guns) cans lol Going to sleep late and waking up to the sunrise.. Its such a relaxing time to just take in the nature. As much as i love it all i prob would not be able to last there for more then 4 days, that is plenty of time to take in nature and Forrest bathrooms. =) 

Well for now i need to get on to shopping for the trip but ill keep you posted with the trip and the after pictures. =) 



  1. How cute is that!!! Love love it, and the banana s'mores look delicious, i'm gonna try those.
    Have fun on your camping trip.

  2. Carol ~ I know they do look delicious and they healthy so i'm excited to try some out my self =)

    Thank you i'm very excited.. i always have a blast with my family, they are a ton of fun. =)

  3. Your family camping trip sounds like a blast! Wow, these tents are quite nice! I wouldn't mind roughin' it like this lol Thanks again for dropping by my blog!:)


  4. ooh, i have to try those banana "smores"! yummy
    Those pictures make camping look glamorous lol.

  5. The Owl's Closet ~ Thank you I'm very excited for it, I know this way of camping looks like it'll be very nice and comfy.

    Your welcome & feel free to become a follower of my blog, Enjoy!

  6. Lynnette ~ They sure do look yummy, and yes very glamorous! =)