Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Family Camping Trip!!

So in a little over a week me, my husband and my whole family are going up to North Carolina for 4 day camping getaway.... I'm super excited because i love camping (at least once in a while) and i haven't been camping in years. So i need to do some shopping to get sleeping bags, tents, etc.. etc.. 

So i was browsing through the net and found this super adorable tent and furniture which is called Glamping.. I just thought it was the cutest thing ever and i love the old school tent.. and all the furniture inside lol.. Thats for sure meant to be camped in more then a week, going through all that trouble.. lol

Our camping trip will most likely be out doorsy lol.. sleeping in sleeping bags with twigs and rocks underneath..

So i'm excited for S'mores!! C'mon one of the best things about camping... But i saw this different version of s'mors a more healthier version and might just actually try it, of course first ill have a marshmallow s'more then i could try out the banana and dark chocolate.. Looks delicious.

I'm very excited for the bonfires, swimming, fishing, shooting (bee-bee guns) cans lol Going to sleep late and waking up to the sunrise.. Its such a relaxing time to just take in the nature. As much as i love it all i prob would not be able to last there for more then 4 days, that is plenty of time to take in nature and Forrest bathrooms. =) 

Well for now i need to get on to shopping for the trip but ill keep you posted with the trip and the after pictures. =) 


Tuesday's Attire.. =)

Second day of the week and I'm already tired. New work hours need to be at work 30 min earlier. So that means need to wake up earlier, get ready earlier and it just makes me tired.. but need to get used to it. Only solution is going to sleep earlier, which i have been trying to do lately.

So on to todays outfit starting with the hair, just a cute braid off to the side with simple and neutral make up.

Wore a blush pink tank that i got at Marshall's i believe a while back, and an off white cardigan i bought at Nordstorms Rack. Paired it with a pair of grey shorts and purple flats. 

Hope you enjoyed. =) 


Monday, August 30, 2010

Its Giveaway time at Anthroholic!

Happy Monday readers!!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Before I get to my exciting announcement, it's Monday, and you know what that means! I'll be heading to my local Anthropologie store tonight to scope out the sale! If there are markdowns, I'll be back tonight to let you know what they are. Fingers crossed!

Now onto something really exciting! It's time for another giveaway here at Anthroholic! This lovely giveaway comes to us from Nana by Sally. Sally, the designer of Nana is offering a lovely Sophie clutch to one lucky reader! 
First let's learn a little bit about Nana designer Sally and the inspiration for starting her fabulous handbag line.
Sally grew up in a house that fostered the arts. Ironicially enough, she majored in Anthropology in college due to my interest in other cultures and passion for understanding what defines different societies. After college, Sally met her husband and got married. Four years ago, they had a beautiufl little girl who they named Sophie. One night, Sally was trying to find someone to hire to make curtains for Sophie's room. After looking around the internet, Sally decided she could learn to sew and make the curtains herself. She went out that week and purchased a sewing machine and that weekend, enrolled in a sewing class. By the next week, Sally was already designing her own bags and drawing out her own patterns.
As the bag idea continued to grow, she decided that no one better personified the concept than my hero, her great grandmother, Nana. Sallys grandmother lived to be 96years old and was loved by everyone for her wit and compassion. The four dots in the Nana logo represent the four generations of women who are here because of Nana: Sally's grandmother, her mother, herself and her daughter. 
Nana bags are inspired by all the women in Sally's life. She combines different fabric textures and colors to make them as unique as all the women are. Nana bags will never look homogenous or “factory made.” After all, Sally believes we should embrace our imperfections and differences! 

Not that you know the background, I think you can see that whomever wins the Sophie clutch is getting one truly special bag made with a lot of though and love!

One lucky winner will win this Sophie Clutch:

One-of-a-kind "Sophie" style clutch bag. Retails for $65.00.


-Exterior Fabric (bottom panel): Chocolate brown velvet
-Exterior Fabric (top panel) and Interior Fabric: Cream cotton with cherry print
-Magnetic snap closure
-Front pleats on exterior
-Fully interfaced for added structure and durability
-Reinforced stitching on all stress points
-Protected with Scotchgard

DIMENSIONS (approximate):

-Width at bottom: 12 inches
-Width at top opening: 11 inches
-Height: 7 inches

Here's how to enter to win:
~ You must be a follower of Anthroholic
~ You must visit either Sally's website here or Etsy shop here and leave a comment letting me know what your favorite bag is.
~ One extra entry if you tweet about this. Please leave me a comment letting me know you did.
~ One extra entry for blogging about this. Please leave me a comment with a link to your blog post.
~ Make sure you include your name and email address in your comment. Comments without name/emails will be deleted.
~ Giveaway is open to U.S residents only
~ Giveaway will end Monday, September 6, 2010 at 11:59pm CT.

Meringue Cookies

So in my earlier post i mentioned that i made Meringue Cookies for my Brothers Birthday party, So i thought id share the recipe and step by step directions on how to make this Deliciously Sweet treat. Its one of my top favorite desserts and i love to make them. Hope you enjoy.

What you will need:

~ 3 Egg Whites
~ 1 cup Sugar

*Oven: 350 Degrees

*Whip Cream::
~ 1 container Heavy whipping cream
~ Sugar to taste (About 1/3 - 1/2 cup)
~ Vanilla extract (About 3-5 Drops)

~ 1st Step: 
You will need a Baking sheet, lay out wax paper on the baking sheet and sprinkle the wax paper with flour. That way the cookies don't stick and its easier to take them off. 

~ 2nd Step:
In a mixing bowl, Mix in the 3 Egg Whites, and the cup of sugar. Mix for about 15 min or until its foamy and when you scoop some it keeps its form just like in the after picture.



~ 3rd Step:
Place a tablespoon full of the creme on the baking sheet one after another.

~4th Step:
Place baking sheet with cookies in oven at 350 Degrees for 30 min for a chewy inside or 275 degrees for 2 hours for a crispy inside.

After 30 min of baking this is what the cookies should look like ..

Gently take the cookies off the baking sheet one by one and lay them off to the side to cool off.
While the cookies are cooling off make the Whipping creme that goes on top of the cookies.

~ 1st Step:
In a mixing bowl mix together the Container of heavy Whipping cream, Sugar & Vanilla. (I used 2 containers of heavy whipping cream because i made a bigger portion of cookies).


Make sure not to put the Whipping Cream on the cookies until right before you will be serving them because the cookies will get really soft. 

You can use anything to top your cookies with, I love to put fruits on them like raspberries, blackberries, blueberries etc.. You could also drizzle the cookies with some dark chocolate.

This is what it looks like when your done.

Hope you all enjoy and if you have any comments or questions feel free to comment below. 

A New Week

Hello everyone, its Monday already so soon.. =/ Weekends fly by way to quickly.. Well at least it was a fun and relaxing weekend. =) 

Friday stayed in with my Love and cooked a delicious Dinner then Relaxed with some TV.. 
Saturday went shopping to Target (Love this store)  for ingredients to bake Meringue Cookies for my brothers birthday party which i attended later that day. Had a blast there with friends and family.
Sunday went to a wonderful Church Service, then after relaxed at a friends house. 

Here is a few shots of my weekend outfits:

This is my Target shopping outfit.

While i was at Target shopping for my Meringue Cookie ingredients i couldn't help but go look at the clothes.. =) I found the cutest dress there for only $20, perfect dress to wear to my Brothers Birthday Party. 

* Dress: Target
* Wedge Shoes: Traffic
* Belt: H&M
Love this dress, i could wear it all year long with every season, I'm excited to wear it in the fall with a Denim Jacket and a pair of boots! Love this Dress so much might just go and buy myself same one in different color. =) 

Some Pictures from my Brother Benji's Birthday Party:

My adorable little Niece Ariana

Me and my lovely friends Juliana & Angela 

Julie, Me & Julie with Little Miss Ariana 

As much as i tried taking a picture of the Birthday Boy it was pretty much just impossible lol This is the best photo i could get.. 

Even though he don't look so happy here, He is one happy guy. =) 

Friday, August 27, 2010


So i love love love trying out all sorts of products for the face, body, hair. Every time i hear that something is good i usually go out and get it and try it out myself. Love cheap but good products. Iv spent so much money on expensive brand name products that i really disliked and then i try a much cheaper version and it works out much better. In some ways its not always "You get what you pay for".

For instants you don't have to fork over a ton of money for a good mascara, some of the best mascara's are st the drugstores not just department stores. 

My favorite one so far has to be Falsies by Maybelline. It really lengthens, thickens and doesn't clump up my lashes. Also it hold my curl for the whole day. It only cost me like $8, so lady's you should definitely try it out.

Couple days ago i was at Publix and decided to see what i find in the hair product section..  Iv been needing to buy a Heat Tamer Spray to protect my hair against all the heat tools i use as in Blow Dryer, Curling Iron and Straightener.  

I found this Spray by Tressemme and decided to by it and try it out, and i got to say it seems to working great. My hair doesn't feel greasy after and my hair doesn't frizz up after using the blow dryer or the curling Iron and not to mention it smells very good too. 

Another product i bought was this Sleek & Shine Anti-Humidity Smoothing Milk. It instantly controls frizz and makes my hair shiny. Living in Florida girls really need any kind of frizz control product to fight against the humidity. Have to say do far this product is good, haven't used it enough to be exactly sure, but can say for sure my hair was not frizzy =) 

Hope these reviews helped some of you in some ways. I know from my own experience i love reviews and thoughts on products that i might need to use. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Weekend.. 
I'll be celebrating my little brothers 17th birthday this Sat, Love him and wish him the best For many more years to come. 
I'll post my weekend outfits on Monday.. 
Hope you enjoy and God Bless you All!! =) 

Black, Pink & White.

Thank goodness its Friday! =) Got to be my favorite day of the week, end of work week and beginning of weekend.. What could be better?

Todays outfit consists of Black, Pink & White colors..  

Love this Forever 21 shirt i got past weekend. Loose, Cute and Comfy.

Blush pink Forever 21 skirt. Layers are very cute and maybe it look very fitted.

Tried to take a full body picture to show what the outfit looks like together.. Not the best picture but gives u an idea of what it looks like.. 

My eye makeup was very simple pearl color all over shadow on lids then a pink shadow in the outer corner of the lid with a little mascara. Hair i just tied to the side with a little curls. Then of course finish the look with some cute earrings from CR. =) 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Clothes for Fall

So I'm really excited to start shopping around for Fall clothing, i just love spending money on clothes.. i can literally go hungry for a day and buy myself a piece of clothing for that money instead..I'm sure ill change my mind as soon as i start starving... lol 

Really want my self a nice fitted Denim Jacket like Cameron Diaz is wearing, It's a classic piece that no fashionista should be with out and perfect for fall. Also gotta love her toned tan legs!

                                              Great Denim Jacket from Express, $69.50

                                          Cute and comfy fall look from Victoria Justice.

                                                 Also love a Leather Jacket for the fall.

Been wanting a Gold Watch for the longest time but cant seem to find the perfect one.. Hopefully soon cause i would love to have it for the fall season.

Found this picture on the net and i fell in love with this Necklace but cant seem to find where it came from.. =/

Love love the Clutch / Sling over Nude Purse! To bad they are sold out.. =/ Gotta find me one just like it!!

So these are some of the things i'm in a search for to buy.. Gotta have it all for fall.. Ill be posting super cute fall pieces =)