Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beautiful hair and color

I'm always looking out for new hair styles, cuts, color etc...
Here are some colors that i found that i love, in the mood of a hair change for my self.

Love how Alessandra Ambrosio has her hair in these pictures how she has roots but it looks good with the high lights a bit lower... Maybe by next week i will have same... What you all think.. Should i do my hair like this with the low highlights??


  1. I love her hair color, you should deff do it. Its fun and flirty and would look great on you. Hmmm maybe i should do it too.. I wouldn't mind changing up my hair.

  2. Ashley - I know i really want to but again i'm very nervous lol I really love my dark hair color right now but i'm in the mood for some change and with this hair color i could always easily go back to dark or let it grow out since i would have to touch up my roots always lol

    You should try this hair color also its very cute and fun.