Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Official Post

So today is my first official posting on my new Blog.. Excited but then again nervous... i have no clue how to use or operate a blog but i shall learn as i post.

I'm really excited about this blog iv been wanting to do this for a while a blog on my opinion on fashion, style, hair, products and more. Each day i will post on my blog about the outfit i'm wearing and where i got it and what makeup and hair products i'm using and what i love and dislike. I hope its helpful and fun for my followers and i would love to get all your intake and opinions on my style and things i love and what you love.

So i love love love to shop and find great clothes and shoes for a great price, love looking through magazines and the net and save pictures of styles and outfits that i love and try to create my own similar look.

Here is my outfit for today.. had to rush out of the house in time for work so my outfit isn't to exciting but its cute and comfy.

This is my makeup for the day.. Very clean and simple.. 
*  Little blush from Clinique Blush called Breathless Berry.
*  ALMAY intense i-color powder shadow for my eyes i used an off white color.
*  ALMAY black eyeliner for upper lids and under eyes.
*  Maybelline FALSIES mascara to finish the look.

  My hair is just straight with two bobby pins holding up the left side of my bangs.

My top is from Nordstorms Rack.. bought it a while ago but still love it even though it has shrunk in the washer & dryer... so much for hand washing..=/ lol I tucked this shirt in to my black flowey skirt which u will see below.. 

Forever 21 skirt, Sort of a bad picture.. the lighting was bad but u can see the little creased ruffles up and down the skirt its super flowey, flirty and cute. I love it its very comfy and i can dress it down or dress it up..

Paired that outfit with these adorable purple flats.. They are so comfy and cute.

Cant forget the earrings.. =) Betsey Johnson Owl earrings.. Super cute.

So there you have my head to toe outfit. Looking forward to posting more fashion tips, ideas and everything i love. Feel free to leave me comments on your thoughts and opinions, would love to hear from you.

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