Monday, April 4, 2011

I have a Big Announcement!!!

Click on the link above to visit my Lucky Sparkle Jewelry Shop

I have big exciting news.....

I have finally opened up my very own Shop in which I sell my handmade Lace earrings.

They are perfect for any season but this season I made perfect Spring accessories.

This spring Lace and Flowers are HUGE in the fashion world... 
Soooo I decided to make a perfect combination for earrings.

"Big Lace Rose" Earrings 
{Which i am wearing in the above picture}
Comes in 5 different colors, Visit my shop to see more.

"Unique Lace Rose" Earrings
Comes only in Off White

"Spring Dollie Flowers" Earrings
Comes in these colors and a White flower with a pink Center which is not pictured here.
These can be made to hang on a hook in color of your choice 
or can be made to be a silver stud earring.

"Unique Lace Design" Earrings
Only in Off White

"Spring Lace Flower" Earrings
Only in Off White

All earrings can be made with your choice of a hook color:
Silver, Copper, Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold
{Not real Gold, just color}

Feel free to contact me through here or go directly to my shop Lucky Sparkle Jewelry if you would like to order any of the earrings. 

Keep posted because I have many great ideas and new designs coming soon.
Can not wait to hear from you all and to fill your orders.