Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vintage Earrings DIY

Vintage buttons turned Earrings

I bought this bag of Vintage buttons at Micheals for $4.99

Paired up all the same buttons together..
You get a ton out of one bag..
Some of the close up pairs..
This is what the back of hte earrings look like..
To get rid of the plastic loop that would origially have thread going through it, I cut it off with siccors..
How you do that is by popping out the white center throu the back and cut off hte loop to make a flat back.
BEfore putti ng the white piece back in you need super glue to keep it in place to just put some on and place the white piece back in

This is what it would like.. now let it dry
Bought these also at Micheals, this you will be gluing to the back of the button..
On the bigger buttons i like to super glue the needle part a little higher so it hangs off your ear a bit.
Also purchased the earring back holder at Micheals
That is it.. Now you have your self a ton of new Vintage Earrings.

It is really simple to do, cheap and fun!
Have a great Wednesday everyone!