Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall outfits I Adore

Even though its still a bit to warm for boots and layers here in Florida, iv been spotting some adorable fall clothing that I'm excited to try out and wear.. 
I found a couple pictures of outfits that i think are adorable and perfect for fall.

Love the earth tone colors just feels really fall.

Great high boots

Great layering & boots

Great colors & love the high socks coming out of the boots

Adorable jacket & great oxfords

Love love red boots, i'm on a hunt for them!

Very elegant cardi & skirt

Cute red belt & adorable shoes

Love the flowery, ruffled sweater with a elegant skirt

Adore this sweater so much!

Love jean skirts for this fall

Great way to show how you can take a summer dress & add on some layers for Fall

Love the nude clutch and the ankle pants..
 Not sure if i could pull it off with my short self but i still love it

Love the knee high socks, adore this outfit

Love the bag & the jacket with the neck tie blouse.

So these are some of the Fall outfits i found that i absolutely adore.
Kinda getting excited for it to become cold so i can layer up and pull out them boots! =) 

Show me some of your favorite fall outfits or unique pieces for this Fall season in the comments below.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Baking with feta Cheese

So i got this amazing Feta cheese as a  gift from Sister and Brother in-law.. They just new I love it so much =)
I was very excited cause i had a few recipes i wanted to try with Feta cheese, i was never able to make them cause i could never find the perfect Feta cheese. Most of them had a horrible after taste. 
But this Feta was just amazing.. Even non-Feta lovers Loved this particular Feta!

First off i baked a delicious home made pizza Half Greek half Italian.
The Greek side of the pizza had grape tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, chicken and Feta sprinkled on top.
Italian side had mozzarella, Italian Mild sausage, baby Bella mushroom and oregano sprinkled on top just the way my hubby likes it.

 Pizza just entered the oven

Baked and sliced ready to eat pizza!

First time from scratch making a home made pizza and it turned out super yummy.
Its so simple to make and u get to customize all your own toppings.


I also made Feta Cheese Turnovers to have with tea or a little snack.
Super simple to make and they turned out delicious!

They turned so puffy and delicious. 
My Husband who is a Non-Feta-Lover.. Loved these!
So that must explain how delicious they were hehe.

Hope you all enjoyed these and maybe inspired some of you to do some more baking cause its super fun and most of the time turns out delicious!! =)


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

OOTD for the Past Week =)

Hey hey everyone sorry iv been off the blogger for a lil bit and haven't been posting my outfits of the day but i do have a few from the past week that i will just share with you all at once. 
October is a busy busy month so many things going on so many birthday... gotta say though it has to be my favorite month of the year =) 

So here are some of my past week outfits...

 This outfit i wore to go out on the town with my hubby
My striped tank that is oh so comfy with a lace skirt i got for my birthday. The shoes are not pictured here but these are the heels i wore with this outfit ..
My birthday heels =)

 Went out pumpkin picking and to a fair with my little niece.
My lovely tuxedo oxfords, flowery scarf from Zara pulled the look together.

Going out with my Lovebug.
Jersey dress from target with some strappy sandals with some gold accessories

Photo shoot with my hubs.
Flowery shirt (which is actually really long but looks great tucked in), with a lacy off white skirt from F21 and a pair of cute sandals.
Sunday afternoon downtown Lake Eola stroll.
Super comfy tank top from Nordy's, colorful skirt and my oh so awesome oxfords.

Well there you have it my past weeks outfits, ill try to be more updated with my blogs and actually post them day of lol

Ill keep you posted with more decor, baking recipes and etc.. 


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

~ Fall Photo Shoot of Niece Ariana ~

Saturday my brother Tony had his 19th birthday party at a park and me and sis thought it would be a great place to do a Fall photo shoot of Ariana, no need for professional pics got my camera and some props =)

Took so many pictures and they all turned out so great had to pick a few to share with all of you =)