Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vintage Earrings DIY

Vintage buttons turned Earrings

I bought this bag of Vintage buttons at Micheals for $4.99

Paired up all the same buttons together..
You get a ton out of one bag..
Some of the close up pairs..
This is what the back of hte earrings look like..
To get rid of the plastic loop that would origially have thread going through it, I cut it off with siccors..
How you do that is by popping out the white center throu the back and cut off hte loop to make a flat back.
BEfore putti ng the white piece back in you need super glue to keep it in place to just put some on and place the white piece back in

This is what it would like.. now let it dry
Bought these also at Micheals, this you will be gluing to the back of the button..
On the bigger buttons i like to super glue the needle part a little higher so it hangs off your ear a bit.
Also purchased the earring back holder at Micheals
That is it.. Now you have your self a ton of new Vintage Earrings.

It is really simple to do, cheap and fun!
Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

DIY Bow Hair Clip

Polymer Clay is a ton of fun and the creations are endless..
Step by Step on how to create your own Bow Hair clips.

Polymer Clay
Super Glue
Dough Roller or anything that will flatten it out.
Hair Clips (Micheal's)

Roll the Polymer Clay in to a ball with the palm of your hands.

Flatten out your clay, the thinner the better.

Use your knife to cut out 2 eye like shapes in your clay.

Also cut out a small rectangle shape for the middle of the bow.

 Here is what your 3 cut out shapes should look like.

 Bend and connect your 2 alike shapes. 
Connect them together at the tip.

Use the smaller rectangular shape to cover the middle part of the bow. 
Carfully blend the back so its smooth.  

Bake the bow in the oven on 275° for 20-22 min.
Take out and cool completely. 

 After the bow has cooled, take the hair clip and super glue it to the back of the bow.
Let the super glue dry.

And there you have it. Your own Bow hair clip.
Hope this tutorial helps you.

Have a Great Tuesday everyone!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

DIY Lace Bowl

 Pinterest always temps me to try something that iv seen on there... Im always saving pictures upon pictures on future DIY projects.. Well here is one that I tought was really neat.. A bowl with a lace imprint on the inside..

So here is a Step by Step tutorial..

Polymer Clay 2-3
A bowl for sizing your circle
A bowl to bake the clay in
A Lace or Doily pattern
A dough roller
Sand paper or Nail Filer
Mod Podge Gloss (Optional)

Here is what the Polymer Clay looks like. 
You can purchase them at Micheal's in any color.

Mash the 2 clay bars together and roll it around in your palms until its a ball

Then Flatten it out with a Dough Roller or anything you have that would work.

Take your Lace or Doily pattern that you would like to use

 Place it off to the side of the clay and use the Dough roller to roll over the Lace or Doily pattern until it has an imprint. Then remove the pattern.

After you have the imprint pattern where you want it

Place the sizing bowl over the clay and use a knife to cut off the extra clay to make a perfect circle.

Place the clay circle you just cut out in to a bowl (a Bowl that can be placed in the oven) 
that fits in perfectly so the clay forms a bowl like shape. 
Place the bowl in to the oven at 275° for 20-22 min.

Remove the bowl from the oven and let it cool completely. 
Carefully remove the Clay bowl and here is a step that I accidentally skipped.. but if you want take a nail filer or sand paper to smooth out the edges of the clay bowl.

To get a glossy look and feel for your bowl get some Glossy Mod Podge and put a layer or two all over your bowl with a brush. I didn't have the glossy one so i used what i had.

 and Waa La here is your finished product. 
Its a cute bowl to keep on your night stand for your most worn earrings and rings.
 Hope this tutorial helps you.

Have a Great Wednesday everyone!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

Pink & Red

Valintine's Day is just around the corner and as yo can see my header is all Loved out hehe

I love Red and Pink together especially around Love day! It def screams Valntines day but its so fun to wear any time through out the year.. 

Picked out some of my favorite attire pictures that make the Red and Pink really POP!

Love the long flow-y skirt!

Love the touch of yellow with these two colors!!
{My Love Day outfit will have these 3 colors!!}

More of a subtle pink and red combination

Love the Lacey top and the bright colors!

Wear one color and accessories with the other


Gorgeous tailored pants 

Lovely shorts

 Beautiful long skirt

I'm excited to get my Pink & Red on this Valentine's Day.. 
I just Adore it!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

1st Birthday

My sister asked me to help plan and decorate my little baby niece Ella's 1st Birthday party..
Theme: Owl and all colors!!
It was a ton of fun doing all the crafts and decorating..
Take  a look....

Lots and lots of Balloons.. 

Sparkly 1 

Paper Flowers with Buttons

"E" for Ella

Table Setting


Yarn balls

 Birthday Girl

The cake

Veggie cups

Fruit sticks


Mommy and her baby girl

Me with my adorable niece

Destroy the cake

This party was a ton of fun, from decorating to celebrating.

I will be posting some of my DIY decor crafts
Keep posted