Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Snapshots

Most Christmas pictures were taking via my cellphone..
So I have compiled some shots that I took which include..
Gifts, nieces, ornaments, beach getaway a day after Christmas, wrapping, Christmas nails, Christmas cards... etc etc..

How was your Christmas spent?
Hope everyone had a great time celebrating!!
Christmas 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

Instant Attire Two

 Some of my outfit photos that were posted on Instagram...

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DIY Stocking

 Made my own stockings this year .. another fun crafty project.
I made mine a bit diff.. usual tutorials show you have to sew the stockings well I hot glued mine..

I am not the greatest at sewing and i figured to hot glue it will take less time.

Burlap Material ~ 1 yard $2.40 {Walmart} 
^Enough to make 2 stockings^
Lace ~ 1 Roll $2.00 {Fabric Store}
Buttons ~ Lil bag $1.00 {Fabric store}
Hot Glue Gun ~ $2.00 {Walmart}

I had everything at home already besides the burlap material so my stockings only cost me $2.40. What a deal.

 Lay your burlap material out flat

 Take an old stocking to trace out the pattern

 Cut around the traced pattern about half inch away from your actual trace leaving some material to fold in for the gluing. 
Do that for each side of the stocking. Make sure you have a back and a front to connect.

 Fold in the extra material around the trace and iron each piece down so it stays put. 

After each side is ironed out flat, put hot glue on the folded edges and place the top piece of the other stocking over it and press down carefully to secure the pieces together.

Hot glue some lace on top.
I sprinkled some colorful sparkles on top to give it some more color.

 Added a few cute buttons.
Make sure to put a napkin inside the stocking so while you are gluing the buttons on, the glue doesn't go through the stocking.

Hang your pretty stockings where ever you'd like. 
With the other stocking I used green burlap material also placed the lace and buttons on differently.