Wednesday, March 14, 2012

DIY Lace Bowl

 Pinterest always temps me to try something that iv seen on there... Im always saving pictures upon pictures on future DIY projects.. Well here is one that I tought was really neat.. A bowl with a lace imprint on the inside..

So here is a Step by Step tutorial..

Polymer Clay 2-3
A bowl for sizing your circle
A bowl to bake the clay in
A Lace or Doily pattern
A dough roller
Sand paper or Nail Filer
Mod Podge Gloss (Optional)

Here is what the Polymer Clay looks like. 
You can purchase them at Micheal's in any color.

Mash the 2 clay bars together and roll it around in your palms until its a ball

Then Flatten it out with a Dough Roller or anything you have that would work.

Take your Lace or Doily pattern that you would like to use

 Place it off to the side of the clay and use the Dough roller to roll over the Lace or Doily pattern until it has an imprint. Then remove the pattern.

After you have the imprint pattern where you want it

Place the sizing bowl over the clay and use a knife to cut off the extra clay to make a perfect circle.

Place the clay circle you just cut out in to a bowl (a Bowl that can be placed in the oven) 
that fits in perfectly so the clay forms a bowl like shape. 
Place the bowl in to the oven at 275° for 20-22 min.

Remove the bowl from the oven and let it cool completely. 
Carefully remove the Clay bowl and here is a step that I accidentally skipped.. but if you want take a nail filer or sand paper to smooth out the edges of the clay bowl.

To get a glossy look and feel for your bowl get some Glossy Mod Podge and put a layer or two all over your bowl with a brush. I didn't have the glossy one so i used what i had.

 and Waa La here is your finished product. 
Its a cute bowl to keep on your night stand for your most worn earrings and rings.
 Hope this tutorial helps you.

Have a Great Wednesday everyone!


  1. very nice! Thank you for sharing ! Came out very nice.

  2. So sweet, I am rubbish at DIY things though xxx

  3. that is so creative of you!!! I am just loving it! great job miss.


  4. Good job! I bet I am too stupid to make a DIY works..

  5. that seems quite easy to do!
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  7. what a great idea! it seems simple too!

  8. wow, you did an amazing job!
    i'd probably end up dropping my bowl once i'd finish it, because that's just me!
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  9. oh how cute is this!!!
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  11. Love this Anya!! Perfect project!

  12. This looks amazing, and so simple to do! I may have to attempt it :) xx

  13. This looks amazing, what a great idea! :D Xx

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  15. This is such a fun idea - looks SO pretty :)

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  16. this is such an awesome project. you did a great job on the tutorial and now i want to go out to michaels on my lunch break to pick up the supplies i need for this project

  17. This is great! I love putting my rings in fancy dishes, I am going to have to try this!

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  19. Hi Anya! Goshhh you're so creative! I never thought of something like this hahahaha :D

  20. This is a super cute idea. The bowl came out lovely. I might just have to try this! :D

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  22. That is fantastic!!! I love blog posts like this, the bowl is lovely x

  23. love this ! looks really cute :) xoxo

  24. this is so cute! lovely post :) x

  25. Great tutorial! I love the russian doll earrings

  26. YOU did a good job! I have no idea about doing DIY!hehehe
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  31. This is awesome and so easy! I love the idea of using glossy Mod Podge! I never would've thought of that. Thanks!

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