Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wedding Bliss ~Picture Heavy~

Hello everyone
Had an eventful and fun weekend. 
Attended my Sister in-laws wedding.
Weddings are always so magical fun and loving to be at.
All the Love in the air is great to be around. It was great to see every one and to witness 2 people become one.

I took a few pictures I wanted to share with you from that day.

Me and hubby with the newly married couple

Sister and I with the Beautiful Bride

The wedding party


Brothers girlfriend Oksanna and I

Me and Preggo sister Lily

Niece Ariana and I
Vintage Bride

Spotted the Bride in the bathroom,
they just had to have a vintage look to them.

Some Wedding Decor

Cute topper! 


My Beautiful parents!

Brother Dima and I

Sisters beautiful family

Hubs and I

Oxi and I with beautiful background

My one and only Gorgeous Hubby

Me, Oxi and Sister Lily

<3 <3


 Cute little cousins

 <3 XoXo <3


 Me and Niece


 Hubby and I won this iPad off the Raffle Drawing =)

The beautiful balcony view!!!

Well there you have it a ton of pictures of the beautiful wedding day.
Hope you all enjoyed and would love to hear your opinions, comments and more below!



  1. LOVE all the photos! You are beautiful and you have a beautiful friends and family! Also I wanna mention, your prego sister; wow she looks amazing! She's like the cutest prego girl I've seen! And her daughter, my gosh she is soo gourgous!

    ......Anna Senchenko


  2. Anna ~ Thank you so much!
    Ya she is a gorgeous preggo, she already 7 months gonna be due on January 11th.. I'm excited to get another niece!

  3. Ahh, such a gorgeous wedding! Love how it was an outdoor wedding, not that many of them. I love the cake topper, so cute! You all look awesome! You were lucky to win the iPad!

  4. Very beautiful pics:)everyone looked great!

  5. Juliana ChebotarOctober 18, 2010

    Hey Anya, im only in two pics bleen! lol :/ whatever i guess! All the pics look too cute:)

  6. Julie ~ No your in more nerd! ... Oh shoot you are only in two lol where were you hiding??

  7. Gorgeous Pics!
    You looked smashing as always!
    Great family photos.
    The Bride was Beautiful.
    I love weddings.
    Blessings to the newely weds.