Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Baking with feta Cheese

So i got this amazing Feta cheese as a  gift from Sister and Brother in-law.. They just new I love it so much =)
I was very excited cause i had a few recipes i wanted to try with Feta cheese, i was never able to make them cause i could never find the perfect Feta cheese. Most of them had a horrible after taste. 
But this Feta was just amazing.. Even non-Feta lovers Loved this particular Feta!

First off i baked a delicious home made pizza Half Greek half Italian.
The Greek side of the pizza had grape tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, chicken and Feta sprinkled on top.
Italian side had mozzarella, Italian Mild sausage, baby Bella mushroom and oregano sprinkled on top just the way my hubby likes it.

 Pizza just entered the oven

Baked and sliced ready to eat pizza!

First time from scratch making a home made pizza and it turned out super yummy.
Its so simple to make and u get to customize all your own toppings.


I also made Feta Cheese Turnovers to have with tea or a little snack.
Super simple to make and they turned out delicious!

They turned so puffy and delicious. 
My Husband who is a Non-Feta-Lover.. Loved these!
So that must explain how delicious they were hehe.

Hope you all enjoyed these and maybe inspired some of you to do some more baking cause its super fun and most of the time turns out delicious!! =)



  1. yummy. wow that looked good. im sure it did taste better. good job anna.

  2. recipes please!

  3. Haha sure who is this..
    Feta cheese Turnover Recipe?

  4. Great Job Anya, they look super delicious!
    I also love to bake its really fun

  5. Hi! I am you're newest follower. That pizza looks yummy! You can visit me too at Thanks!

  6. Hey Suertemon welcome to my blog =)
    Thank you so much and i will be checking out ur blog =)

  7. yummmm....looks delish!
    Good job, you little hot wifey!

    Hey I was wondering how to add the icons
    email this, twitter this, facebook ths, etc.?
    cant seem to find it.

    I'm still new to the entire blogging world, even though I've had it for

    Thanks doll.
    now i'm gonna read on.

  8. Olga ~ Thank you so much =)
    If you are using blogger then when your signed in on your top right hand side there is a button that says "Design" click on that and then there will be a box that says Blog Post and on the right bottom of that box it will say "Edit" in blue. Click on the Edit button then it will open a page with box's for check marks with things you want on your posts.There will be a box next to little icons that have the Email, Twitter, Facebook etc.. Check that box and click save then it should show up on your posts.

    Hope this helps you, good luck =)

  9. These look awesome! I too am a feta lover. You would love the food in Greece. They don't skimp on the feta or even crumble it... they just bring you a big block of the stuff!

  10. J & Y ~ Thank you, oh gosh i could only imagine the Feta they have there!!
    Hope you two are having an amazing time!