Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Thank goodness its Friday!!!!

Exciting and eventful weekend coming up.
Tonight will be doing my own hair.. To late to make an appt with a stylist so i will be doing it all my self.. Roots and peekaboo highlights.. 
I will let all you know how that goes. =/

Saturday will be going to my sister In laws wedding, exciting to see everyone.
Weddings are always an emotional, exciting, joyous time. 
Will be taking lots of pics =) 

Sunday will most likely be attending church service and spending time with family before bride to be moves away to Portland with her soon to be hubby.

~~ OOTD ~~
**Stripes and Flowers**

On to showing you my Outfit Of The Day, the weather outside has been just amazing, chilly breezy wind with lots of sunshine so i always pair up skirts or shorts with a cardi or a short sleeve shirt with pants.. Keeping either up or down covered. =)

Adorable scarf and cutest flats i got for my birthday from very awesome people!!!

Hope you all have an amazing day and weekend full of fun and happiness!!



  1. Your blog is adorable! I saw it when you added me on facebook and will be following now! Follow me also at

  2. Thnak you!!!
    Yours is super adorable too, love your outfits!! =)

  3. Love Love your scarf and matching falts.
    way cute.