Thursday, October 7, 2010

OOTD & Mani!

Yesterday went Birthday shopping with my Hubby even though Today is my 21st birthday!!!!!!!
Ill share with you all my birthday gifts in my next post prob tomorrow. 
I will share with you my OOTD (yesterday) lol

I loved this outfit but towards the end of the night i was freezing my butt off and wished i wore something much warmer.. Dono if i'm liking these cold nights already!
I think it came to soon, not ready for it yet!


Two days ago i went and got my nails done, i had a picture of what i wanted my nails to look like.
I was scared that either the nails wouldn't turn out as good or they wouldn't look good on my hands.. 

I love how feminine the nails look, the long rounded tips.
Also the color looked amazing.

To my surprise the nails turned out beautifully she did a great job of coping the picture above, i usually do my nails shorter and not so rounded but i love the new look..

What do you all think of how the nails turned out?
I'm pretty happy with them =) 


  1. 1. I absolutely LOVE the outfit!
    2. You look absolutely stunning!
    3. The nails look awesome! Love the rounded tip.

  2. Thanks so much Michele! =)
    Ya i'm def a bigger fan of rounded tips then square.

  3. I love the nails :) looks super cute.. Round tip is very nice..

  4. Very Very pretty!
    and those flats..cant ever get enough!
    super cute!