Tuesday, October 19, 2010

~ Fall Photo Shoot of Niece Ariana ~

Saturday my brother Tony had his 19th birthday party at a park and me and sis thought it would be a great place to do a Fall photo shoot of Ariana, no need for professional pics got my camera and some props =)

Took so many pictures and they all turned out so great had to pick a few to share with all of you =) 


  1. wow. amazing. beautiful pics, ur niece is sooo gorgeous little doll. love her outfits and her beautiful smile. great job

  2. I think the ones of her wearing that gold tier dress are the best. Especially that shot with the leaves in her hands while she's giggling; that shot is my favorite. What a little beauty!

  3. Thanks hun.. ya i love that dress.
    Ya thats prob my favorite shot too.
    The pictures all turned out great, really happy with them.

  4. Juliana ChebotarOctober 19, 2010

    She is so precious. lol Sucha a little beautiful child! :) I love the last picture, thats her signature face! hahha shes to funny. Your like a professional photographer, love how you too all the pics!

  5. omg the pictures are perfect!!!:)))
    ur such an inspiration!

    what kind of camera do you use if its not a secret :/

  6. LOVE IT!!!!!

  7. Thank you all so much ladies!!!
    I was having fun and surprisingly they turned out awesome lol
    I use a Nikon D3000 i believe lol Its nothing crazy its only like $500

  8. Very cute =]

  9. Great photography skills women!
    Your Niece is the cutest little girl ever, such a little princess.


  10. I love LOVE this photoshoot!
    So beautiful. Really, from the props to the colors. Autumn is so beautiful especially with little munchkins running around.
    You did an amazing job!