Monday, October 4, 2010

Some New Things

So i redecorated some things around the house..

I took off the two paintings that were above my couch and moved them over to the dining table wall.. Its been empty for a while because i couldn't find anything to fill the space up with so i thought these would go nicely there...

and above the couch i hung up empty frames i found in my mothers attic.. (love finding old stuff i could use) 
Love the way it looks I'm still in search of a very big frame to add to it but this is what i got so far... 

I also added some more pictured frames to my entrance wall where I'm slowly filling the wall up with all sorts of frames and pictures.. also still in process of developing all my pictures!!! =) lol

So those are the little things i changed around my house.. I'm always looking for things to update or add =) 


I posted like 2 weeks ago that i wanted nude Tuxedo Oxford flats in nude and guess what... 
I Found Them!!!

I'm excited to pair them up with some fall clothing!! =) 

Any one get anything exciting that they would like to share..?
I would love to hear bout it just comment below..



  1. Im loving the empty frames over the couch :) great idea absurd awesome that it didn't cost you a dime!

  2. I meant to say "and" not absurd. My iPhone has its own mind. Lol

  3. Thank you! =)
    I know i loved that part also lol not a dime spent...
    My mom is a big collector she keeps and collects a lot of stuff.. So i love going through all her stuff i can always find something i could use =)

  4. Love the empty frames!!!
    Those Oxfords are super cute!

  5. i love the oxford flats!!! i have some that i bought in kiev but never wear them. havent found a perfect outfit i can wear them with. once you wear them. put up a pic, maybe i can get an idea for my outift :))

  6. Love your apartment. Its so cozy and loveable.
    I love that you have paint on your walls and its not boring white..good job!
    The frames are the best! I got the same thing. =) very eclectic.

    and the oxfords..ummm CUTE! my sis got a pair, she loves them. I have yet to get some.
    cant wait to see you and your little outfits in them.

    Have a wonderful day!
    Happy Autumn!