Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nail Salon

So yesterday after work i went to get my nails done, it was already over do. 
Not sure if i like what she did with them, she was one of those who did what she thought was best not what i wanted.. 

So i told her the length i wanted but instead she persisted to cut them way short.. which i don't mind but its not what i asked for, then i asked for them to be very thin and yes she did that which i love.. they feel like real nails.. then came the color i wanted a pretty nude color and i picked out 3 so i chose one and she says "oh i think the other one would look better" So i'm like okay lets try both so she chose the one she wanted and started painting my nails and she went one after another so i'm like oh geez, might as well keep this color... So this is what my nails turned out like.. very neutral, I like it looks very real. What do u all think?


  1. I think your nails look great. Love the color. Do you remember the name? I love a nude pink on my nails.


  2. Thanks Julie. I'm not quite sure which one it was but it was by OPI i believe it was called "Get me to the Taj on time" Nude Pink.