Monday, August 30, 2010

A New Week

Hello everyone, its Monday already so soon.. =/ Weekends fly by way to quickly.. Well at least it was a fun and relaxing weekend. =) 

Friday stayed in with my Love and cooked a delicious Dinner then Relaxed with some TV.. 
Saturday went shopping to Target (Love this store)  for ingredients to bake Meringue Cookies for my brothers birthday party which i attended later that day. Had a blast there with friends and family.
Sunday went to a wonderful Church Service, then after relaxed at a friends house. 

Here is a few shots of my weekend outfits:

This is my Target shopping outfit.

While i was at Target shopping for my Meringue Cookie ingredients i couldn't help but go look at the clothes.. =) I found the cutest dress there for only $20, perfect dress to wear to my Brothers Birthday Party. 

* Dress: Target
* Wedge Shoes: Traffic
* Belt: H&M
Love this dress, i could wear it all year long with every season, I'm excited to wear it in the fall with a Denim Jacket and a pair of boots! Love this Dress so much might just go and buy myself same one in different color. =) 

Some Pictures from my Brother Benji's Birthday Party:

My adorable little Niece Ariana

Me and my lovely friends Juliana & Angela 

Julie, Me & Julie with Little Miss Ariana 

As much as i tried taking a picture of the Birthday Boy it was pretty much just impossible lol This is the best photo i could get.. 

Even though he don't look so happy here, He is one happy guy. =) 


  1. I absolutely Love your outfits, you def got an eye for style! & your niece s just the cutest, love her outfit also!!


  2. Meg - Thank you so much, i really love trying new styles and i love anything to do with fashion, style, clothes and shoes lol. I know her mommy really knows how to dress her up lol
    Thanks a bunch =)

  3. You are very pretty Anyshka and your outfits and super cute and stylish. Keep it up.