Thursday, August 26, 2010

Clothes for Fall

So I'm really excited to start shopping around for Fall clothing, i just love spending money on clothes.. i can literally go hungry for a day and buy myself a piece of clothing for that money instead..I'm sure ill change my mind as soon as i start starving... lol 

Really want my self a nice fitted Denim Jacket like Cameron Diaz is wearing, It's a classic piece that no fashionista should be with out and perfect for fall. Also gotta love her toned tan legs!

                                              Great Denim Jacket from Express, $69.50

                                          Cute and comfy fall look from Victoria Justice.

                                                 Also love a Leather Jacket for the fall.

Been wanting a Gold Watch for the longest time but cant seem to find the perfect one.. Hopefully soon cause i would love to have it for the fall season.

Found this picture on the net and i fell in love with this Necklace but cant seem to find where it came from.. =/

Love love the Clutch / Sling over Nude Purse! To bad they are sold out.. =/ Gotta find me one just like it!!

So these are some of the things i'm in a search for to buy.. Gotta have it all for fall.. Ill be posting super cute fall pieces =) 

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