Monday, August 30, 2010

Meringue Cookies

So in my earlier post i mentioned that i made Meringue Cookies for my Brothers Birthday party, So i thought id share the recipe and step by step directions on how to make this Deliciously Sweet treat. Its one of my top favorite desserts and i love to make them. Hope you enjoy.

What you will need:

~ 3 Egg Whites
~ 1 cup Sugar

*Oven: 350 Degrees

*Whip Cream::
~ 1 container Heavy whipping cream
~ Sugar to taste (About 1/3 - 1/2 cup)
~ Vanilla extract (About 3-5 Drops)

~ 1st Step: 
You will need a Baking sheet, lay out wax paper on the baking sheet and sprinkle the wax paper with flour. That way the cookies don't stick and its easier to take them off. 

~ 2nd Step:
In a mixing bowl, Mix in the 3 Egg Whites, and the cup of sugar. Mix for about 15 min or until its foamy and when you scoop some it keeps its form just like in the after picture.



~ 3rd Step:
Place a tablespoon full of the creme on the baking sheet one after another.

~4th Step:
Place baking sheet with cookies in oven at 350 Degrees for 30 min for a chewy inside or 275 degrees for 2 hours for a crispy inside.

After 30 min of baking this is what the cookies should look like ..

Gently take the cookies off the baking sheet one by one and lay them off to the side to cool off.
While the cookies are cooling off make the Whipping creme that goes on top of the cookies.

~ 1st Step:
In a mixing bowl mix together the Container of heavy Whipping cream, Sugar & Vanilla. (I used 2 containers of heavy whipping cream because i made a bigger portion of cookies).


Make sure not to put the Whipping Cream on the cookies until right before you will be serving them because the cookies will get really soft. 

You can use anything to top your cookies with, I love to put fruits on them like raspberries, blackberries, blueberries etc.. You could also drizzle the cookies with some dark chocolate.

This is what it looks like when your done.

Hope you all enjoy and if you have any comments or questions feel free to comment below. 


  1. Ah I love Meringue, they look so nice!

  2. Thank you.
    I know i could eat them forever!

  3. 3ate4 - Just became a follower of your 3ate4-Makeup blog.. I like it very informative on stuff.. Great Job =)

  4. I love this dessert, your looks amazing great job on the baking skills =)

  5. Thanks for the step by step directions. Helped a lot.


  6. Jessica - Thank you i love baking even thou i rarely have time for it, its super fun to get in to it.

  7. Stephanie - You are very welcome, I'm glad i could help =)

  8. i love it. the meringue looks so cute -luda

  9. Luda - Thanks to you.. lol for the recipe.. hehe .. Ya i love this dessert super easy to make and delicious!