Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Home =)

Hello Bloggers

So i haven't been on for a while, Had an amazing time on my camping trip have a ton of pictures to share with all of you as soon as i get them uploaded on to the computer. Came back a lil sick because of the cooler weather there. Felt good to be cold though wearing boots, jeans, jackets. 

Had a lot of catching up to do at work after missing a few days. Also had a ton of laundry to get done and house cleaning. Did a few changes around the house with decorations getting it ready for fall =) Ill post some pics of some home decor this week. I'm always freshening up the place, always like a change here and there. Have a ton of stuff i want to buy for the house have so many ideas just hard to find it all. These are some of the things i am in search of right now..

Window flower pots! I just LOVE THEM .. I love any kind of flowers. I'm always filling the house with seasonal flowers. I really wanna hang up to flower pots over flowing with flowers on my balcony. I cant seem to find the perfect pots anywhere though.. What i need to do is hit up a couple Garage Sales on Saturday morning, best deals on great stuff that i can always restore and repaint if needed but the cost of it will be amazing. Oh and i Love those window shutters!

So iv started a frame wall where i want to fill up the whole wall with frames and pictures 

I have a few frames hanging up already but gotta find a lot more.. Need to dig through my mothers attic i'm sure she has a ton. Also in process of developing thousands of pictures to fill all the frames.
I also want a little foyer vintage table to put under the wall of pictures, i found the perfect one at Home Goods and the perfect color.. It was a little spendy so i'm hoping to find a cheaper one but if anything i will have to go and get it. =)

So ya i'm in search of a few things.. I love buying old stuff and just giving it a fresh look or a new paint coat.. So this Saturday i am waking up a little earlier and gonna go search for Garage Sales.. I'm actually excited for what i can find. Like they say some ones Un-needed stuff is another ones treasure =)

Keep checking back up this week i will be posting pics from my amazing camping trip and new decorations in my home.



  1. Wow very cute ideas and decorations.. I'm excited to see pictures of your own decorations!

  2. Sara ~ Thank you, ill be sure to post them asap. =)

  3. Love the wall of pictured frames. Good idea!


  4. Great ideas, I also love flowers. Makes everything seem more happy.


  5. You are like me.
    Love finding those vintage good buys and tweaking them up!
    Your a doll... =)