Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Princess Party

This past weekend i went to a Princess birthday party with my sister Lily and niece Ariana.
It was just to adorable and i had to share the pictures with all of you,  it was totally decked out with a real Cinderella, every little girls dream.

Adorable little Princess table

The candy buffet .. mmmmm

Drinks station..

Little Princess Tea Party

Niece Ariana Dressed at "Belle"

Me helping Ariana hold the puppy named... "Princess" lol

Juliana, Me && Yelena

She loved that little puppy =)

All the little Princess's getting ready to have some milk and PB&J sandwiches with Cinderella.

She is ready for some milk =) 

Emma the Birthday Princess!!

All the pretty Princess's with Cinderella

Ariana little silly goose!!! =) 

Little "Belle"

Yelena handing out little heart sandwiches.

Ariana singing along with the girls!!!
 Love the little foot pop. hehe

So that was the fun little princess party i attended.. It was a lot of fun all the girls getting excited and so dressed up.
Hope u all enjoyed the cute pictures.


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  1. oh wow! I love birthday parties especially when they are all decked out! What a pretty pink celebration! love it! Lucky Bday princess!