Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pieces of my Home

So yesterday i had the first pumpkin pie this fall.. well pumpkin anything actually.. and boy was it delicious!! I'm excited to start baking pumpkin everything and sharing it all with you.
 I Love Love Love pumpkin it just really brings out the Fall =) . 

So as i promised here are a few of my home decor and some fall pieces that id like to share with all of you. I live in an apartment so i have to work with what i got, which isn't always so nice.

My kitchen table and wall.. I really want to repaint that wall to like a vintage teal color but.. Its just to annoying taking everything off.

Up close table and my yellow tea cups.

My fall centerpiece

Hanging decor, i feel like i have to much brown going on. I'm gonna start painting everything, i'm excited!! =) 

Cook books and baking books with my honey on top.

My favorite tea cup and 3 tier plate i got from my mother. Which i will use to display all my fall sweets i will be baking!

Living room decor, which also has way to much brown.. I will be painting the frame picture display in the back a pretty teal color and i will be updating it with new pictures.. as soon as have them all developed..=) Also want to change the paintings with big frames above the couches.. Super excited!

Little fall decor in the living room

The box and books by the TV console

The little office space that i strung up a few of pictures which again i want to update with newer pictures and pretty things.. and a cage i use to store the mail =) 

This is the start of my wall of pictured frames. So far only four but i'm working on it.. and not sure if i want to keep them all brown might go crazy with some paint on them. =) 

The dining, little office from a far.

My little girly station with my magazines and jewelery, and the pitcher that came with us from Ukraine 20 years ago =) 

So here you have it, some of my decor from my home.. Still in progress of updating and changing stuff, ill keep u all posted with any changes that i might make.. 
Hope u all enjoyed..



  1. Wow gorgeous place you have, Love what you done with it!


  2. Jess ~ Thank u so much.. There still a whole lot i want to redo, buy and change up but its def a fun process =)

  3. Lovely home and all your decorations.
    Great Job.

  4. Aww super adorable.


  5. Very cute fall decorations.
    Love the Sunflowers.
    And your little girl station is awesome.

  6. Beauiful Home!
    Beautiful Decor!
    Love it!!