Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A lil Peaceful / Relaxing Vacay!!

So tomorrow morning me and the family are heading out on our 10 hour road Trip to North Carolina for our camping trip! I could not be more excited for the fall weather, hiking, bonfire,  canoeing, fishing, s'mores, living out of a tent and spending time with my amazing family and husband. 


The 5 day 4 night camping trip will be a perfect little relaxing vacation to get your mind off the usual routine in life and work. To take in some nature with some nice hiking and canoeing. 
Iv always loved camping still from when i was very young our dad would take the whole family out camping every other year in Oregon. Now that we live in Florida camping sites are not as great here so thats why we take a fun road trip up to North Carolina where the mountains and nature are stunningly beautiful.

I'm excited to share all my photos with you when i get back from our camping trip.

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend.. I know i will. =) 
Have fun



  1. Oh how awesome does that look!?! I'm totally jealous.. I would love to go camping right now during the fall would look so pretty.
    Hope you have a lot of fun. and enjoy every min of it.

  2. Sounds fun! Looking forward to seeing your pictures...


  3. Olga ~ Thank you so much. I had a blast and did enjoy every min of it. Went on a ton of hikes and explorations. Saw so much beauty.

  4. Jess ~ Thank you, i will be posting them up this week.. =)