Thursday, September 23, 2010

Great Finds or Birthday wish list.

My 21st birthday is coming up, October 7th!!!!

I'm very excited but its like on one hand i feel like i should of been already 21, iv been married for over a year now! But on the other hand its surprising that i'm about to be 21.. years back it seemed like 21 was so much older and they all seems tall, but i feel so young at heart love acting like a total nerd and i'm super short so it seems like i should still be 17-18!! At times when i'm asked my age i almost blurt out 18 or have to think for a few secs on how old i really am. After 21 there really isn't any excitement for upcoming birthdays, you just get older and older. Growing up you have the sweet 16, finally legal 18, and then adult 21! Some say 25 is something to look forward too but really your insurance might just get cheaper thats it.

So i recently got my October issue Lucky Magazine.

As i was looking through the magazine i found a lot of  cute things that i wanted to get or maybe put it on my birthday wish list and get it for my birthday hehe..

I love bags, purses, satchels.. They are a great accessory and they carry anything u want in it, and this bag is adorable and would be perfect for fall!

Who doesn't love a hot pair of boots??
I love love these brown heel boots great color, love the buckle and again perfect for fall!!

I'm in love with these heels!!!!
Of course when i go online to purchase them they are all out of my size, what a bummer...
So hopefully i can find them in store!

Hot Hot Clutch!!! 
Love how big it is!

Love these oxford-style shoes, especially in nude.
also heel version

Definitely want a Denim Jacket this season, i wouldn't pair them with jeans or anything else denim but with a cute dress or skirt would look fabulous!

Cute dress paired with an awesome belt. 
She is wearing it as a shirt but on me it will be perfect as a dress.

Michael Kors lovely brown bag!

Into red bags also. 
Great loud color to add to any attire.

These high wasted shorts are great. 
I hope ill be able to pull it off with my short body.. 
A pair of awesome heels will fix that. hehe

Also still in  search of these few things..
Beautiful necklace

Of course the Gold Watch.. Love it!!

So these are some things that I'm in search of this season.
Any of you in search of great finds this season? 
Share your style favorites.





  2. Great fall choices, love love the brown boots.
    Boots are my favorite for fall.