Friday, September 24, 2010

Thank Goodness its Friday!

Its been some time now since i posted some of my outfits..
Here are a couple from past week i took.

I been looking for a white dress for awhile now, haven't found one but i found a beach dress i use to wear and it went perfectly with my blue cardi and a brown belt.

Got the stripped tank and mustard colored cardi from "Nordstorms Rack" this past weekend and paired it with a pair of white short, blue satchel and sandals.

Have a few more outfits just need to upload them on to the comp so ill post them next Monday.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.



  1. Lovely outfits.
    Your really pretty!

  2. Hot outfits.
    Love your striptank.

  3. Love your mustard color cardigan, perfect color for fall.

  4. Hi Hun!!

    omg your blog is adorable!!!!
    I love it!

    Your outfits are super cute.
    have you heard of
    u can post your outfits there and win contests.
    Its pretty neat.

    I'll definantly be back soon.


  5. Hey Thank you so much!!
    Means a lot cause i love your blog,
    you actually inspired me to start my own =)

    Never heard of that site but thanks ill check it out, sounds fun!