Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Autumn has Begun!

Today is the first day of Autumn.. Even though i live in Florida iv been feeling the weather change lately.. Its much cooler in the morning and in the afternoon.

So iv been meaning to post pictures from my family camping trip couple weeks ago. I finally uploaded them on to the computer so i can show u all some picture.

Hope you enjoy.

Ariana  sitting i her little princess chair enjoying a banana

Vadim and Yuriy fishing it up

Vadim singing and playing guitar for us

Hubby Ted fishing

Cutie Niece

Ariana fishing with her cute little fishing rod

Some nature pictures

Ariana my niece and I with Kukla

She wanted both dogs lol

Going fishing with my Love

Fonzo taking a swim

Fire pit

Ariana and her grandpa relaxing by the fire

Girl loves chicken

Yuriy and Papa fishing

Got super foggy

On our 5k hike

Fog was taking over

Saw an apple tree all alone middle of no where

The walk was steep down everything was muddy and slippery, i was the first to fall on our hiking adventure..

The nature only got more beautiful, but the camera died and it got way more steep and couldn't risk having it around my neck in case of slipping or having it fall in the water so this is all we got only the beginning of our hiking trip.


So last day of our camping trip a couple of us took a little trip to the nearest town from our camp site..

Found a little pumpkin patch / boutique

Adorable little town, would love to have a vacay home there

I had like 800 pictures so i picked out a couple to show all you.
So hope you enjoyed the pictures



  1. Your camping trip looked like it was a lot of fun.
    Very adorable little town, i love little towns where everything is in walking distance.
    Great pictures.



  3. I love camping. I always have a ton of fun.
    Your pictures look great.