Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Welcome to my closet.....

This past weekend I started to re organize my whole closet.. 
Hubby went in to his own separate closet so now its all mine.. 
Since i live in an apartment i cant really redo the closet like i would want.. 
built in shelfs for my jeans and a nice shoe wall... 
so i work with what I got. 

Welcome to my closet..

Thought of doing color coordinated but kinda like the all the scattered colors...

Shirts & skirts...

Still haven't found a good way to organize all my purses.. have no room for them anywhere.. =/

Dresses, sweaters & coats.. Hopefully i can soon put all my winter clothing away...

Some Flowers & books...

Heels.... Wish i had a whole wall of shelfs for all my heels like in..  "Sex in the City".. =) 

Hung up some scarves over a stack of magazines...

 Finally got little Sticker hangers for my jewelry so its a bit more organized,
hung them next to a lil cute mirror in my closet...

because my jewelry box was way over packed...

but even still have plenty left in the jewelry box...

There are still things i need, a lil cute stool so i can reach my jeans on top.. 
and a lil table to put under my hanging jewelry.. 
Little things here and there.. 



  1. Lovely closet lady
    It's huge, so many clothes and shoes!
    Great job organizing.

  2. I love how you did the jewelry!!! and the mirror as well. good thinking! :)

  3. Love the whole jewelry idea.

  4. looking nice and organized!!
    Dang, u got lots of heels!
    love it.

  5. you finally got a jewelry organizer and reorganized you closet! :) did you put teds stuff in the guest room closet finally? lol

  6. I wish i could keep my closet that clean; after a few days theres clothes everywhere! (:

  7. LOve LOve your closet!