Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Flower Tiara for Spring

You may have noticed that lately all my posts have been about Spring and such..
Well its because i can not wait for spring, i'm done with the cold and winter..

Greatest part of Spring is all the beautiful blooming flowers.
Great way to make use of those flowers...
.. make a beautiful Tiara...


How to:
Paper, fabric or real flowers
 Raffia ribbon

 Use wire to create the base

 Interlace and wind the stems around the wire

Use the thread to sew on a few of your own extra details

 You can also add a bit of braided raffia ribbon
always pretty.

Have fun 


  1. So cute, love the idea of a Flower tiara.
    Thanks for the how to pictures. even though it seems simple still nice to have a visual.

  2. Beautiful, thanks for the post.
    I can not wait for spring!

  3. hmmmmm . . . . you just gave me a crafty idea to make with my girls. knowing them, they will for sure wear these every day. lol. thanks for sharing!

  4. Great Post! Love spring flowers; and that's a great idea to do a flower tiara for a photoshoot (: thanks!

  5. Beautiful!!! -- Such a Creative HEART!! :D