Friday, January 28, 2011

... a little project

Have a blank wall and dont know what to do with it..? 

Why not make your own piece of art work with your favorite flowers 
to hang up and brighten the wall...

Cut a piece of plywood to your size liking...
Give it a rustic look by not painting it completely

Find any jar around the house.. could be from jam, pickles, etc.. 
as long as it has a lip..
Drill two holes on each side of the plywood where you want the jar to hang..

Find a sturdy flexible wire and wrap it around the lip of the jar, then string through both of the holes and tie a knot in the back with a clip to hold it secure..

Make two more holes at the top so you could string through with wire to hang it..

add some water and your favorite flowers...

Simple and beautiful..


  1. your creative ma dear!! love this idea!!

  2. this is an incredible idea! and I am on it!

  3. What a creative ides.
    Thanks for the post.