Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blessed to be an Auntie..

This past weekend I got a Precious little gift.. Another Niece!!
~Ella Angelina Mazun~

I am just so in love with her, she couldn't be more perfect.
I thank God for delivering her safely, healthy and beautiful.
I have so much love for this little girl, I just cant imagine how much more love I will have for my own kids.

{Ariana & Ella}

I am so blessed to be her Auntie and an Auntie to 4 more beautiful nieces and a handsome little nephew!


~Stella & Simona~

~Eric & Leah~

Thank you God for all your blessings! 



  1. SQUEAL*** I love soft and sweet. Congratulations!
    Kristina J.

  2. And all of them are blessed to have you :) you are really good with each and every one of them.

    Also, the love you will feel for your own child will knock the breath out of you.

    I was definitely not prepared for it when Stella was born. I would cry every time I looked at her the first few months :)