Thursday, December 30, 2010

Macaroons .. a French dessert

Lately iv been seeing these cute & delicious looking desserts everywhere, they are like the perfect little desserts to put out on a tier plate for an afternoon Tea get together.

I kept collecting lots of pictures cause they look so pretty.. 
... so i decided that i will search the web for recipes on how to make them...

.. a French dessert

... aren't they just the colorful-est and most delicious looking dessert?
I can not wait to get baking on these little things, their are so many flavors and so many colors to work with..

I will keep you posted with what recipe worked out best..

<3 XoxOx <3 


  1. These look so delicious, can't wait for your post to see how they turn out for you!! I wanna be invited to the Tea party! ;)

  2. Such lovely desserts, they look very delicious.

  3. Ahhh these look divine!!
    You must post the recipe when you bake them!

  4. Goodness these look so delicious!