Wednesday, December 29, 2010

.. awaiting Spring

Now that Christmas is over.. 
I am so ready for beautiful Spring..

No more layes, boots, scarfs and cold hands.. but in stead back to flowey flowery skirts, dresses, pale colored tanks, adorable sandals, flats, lots of Flowers & beautiful weather..

.. love all the colors of spring 
& the blooming beautiful flowers..

..i am a big fanatic of covering my home with beautiful flowers every where, brightens the room & makes me smile..

.. Although I love all pale colors for spring.. 
My favorite color of spring would have to be yellow
yellow always makes me feel happy..

.. second color would of course have to be Pink..

.. I absolutely love wearing skirts and dress for Spring, 
the more flowey the better..
.. Also anything that is cute..

{love love this purse}

.. and my favorite, Tea Parties..

.. I love all four seasons pretty much equally 
(just wish Winter was a bit shorter)
But there is just something about spring that is just so colorful, playful & fun!

.. cant wait to get the Spring Cleaning ..

.. & organizing on.

.. in need of a cute way to organize all my jewelry..

 So those are the reasons & pictures why i can not WAIT till spring is here.. =)


  1. Love Spring!!
    Can not wait till we get spring.
    Great post, all the pictures you posted are beautiful.
    Great job!

  2. Ahhhh beautiful Spring.. All your pictures just make me want to day dream about how beautiful spring is!
    Love all these photos ,and lucky you get the spring feeling earlier since you live in Florida unlike me..