Wednesday, December 29, 2010

... hair dilemma

So if any of you know me.. you know that I can not stick with a certain hair style or color for long.. 
I've been wanting to grow out my hair for a long time now.. even though its long, its not at my ideal hair length just yet..
but i already wanna change it up some how.. 

{Ideal hair length}

Here is my hair now:
{not the greatest pictures but just to give you something}
Straight & Curly

About 3 months ago I got some low high-lights, that kind of hair style is called Ombre hair {just recently found out what its called}

Which looked like this..

As you can see in the more recent pictures, it has faded..

So i cant decide either to do the Ombre hair again and add more low high-lights to my hair like this..

 {love this one}

.. or i was thinking of coloring it all back to one color like chocolate brown..

like this:

.. also been wanting to change up my bangs.. iv grown them out pretty long and now want to do something diff..

Here are pics of the bangs i want...

I am absolutely obsessed with this girls bangs! !
I want to do it so bad... just a lil scared..

I had bangs a year ago and only liked  it for about a week..
but back then i had bleach blonde hair and it was shoulder length so im thinking now that my hair is darker and long it'll look better...

Girls i need your help on this one i would love to hear your opinions, thoughts & comments.

Thanks =)

<3 <3 <3 <3


  1. I think you should do the ombre hair. it fits you perfectly. probably one the best looks you've had so far.

    and with the bangs idea . . . its really hard to find someone who will cut them well. and even though it's a cute look, it gets old really fast and you'll find yourself annoyed with them.

    so go ombre, ombre, ombre. hmmmm, i like that word. lol

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  3. Ahh your hair is so long already.
    I think you should do the one tone color all over with just a little fade at the end, which you will get anyway since you already have low high-lights.
    The bangs look awesome and will totally look good on you, I say do it!

  4. Zhanna ~ I know Ombre.. fun word haha
    Thank you, i like it too i just really love the long dark locks with a hot bang.. and you are right its really hard to get it cut perfectly liek that i love how her's is super thick and kind of goes in under.. i wouldn't want it to be straight down.. and member i had bangs before and i lasted like a week and got sick of it lo.. but that one wasn't thick at all and i was blonde =/ ... gosh so hard i dont know what to do .. my hair needs an update pronto!
    Another reason is that i like going dark for summer cause i wont look as pale.. and for winter i go lighter so i can pull off the pale skin lol
    Lily says Ombre to the pic where i say i love most above... Ted says all one color..

  5. Viktoria ~ for some reason your comment is not showing but i did get it in my e-mail...
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment.. I think you mean Rachel Bilson's hair.. The girl from The O.C. also? lol Ya love her hair too.
    Ya bangs are hard to pull off and keep up so hmm tough decision..

  6. Kristina ~ Thank you, ya it will be a bit lighter at the ends.. Thanks for your help =)

  7. GO Ombre Ombre!!
    You looked great with the two diff colors in your hair, keep it up!

  8. I like the two different colors on you. I think you should stick with it!

  9. All are such beautiful hair.
    I love the ombere hair look it is very in.