Friday, November 12, 2010

My week "Likes"

Happy Friday Everyone!

A collage of things i like this week
~ Vintage Clock necklace
~ Gorgeous holiday heels
~ Bow hair piece
~ Vintage Bath Tub 
~ Uniquely designed pillows
~ Great pair of boots

Outfit of the Week
~ Great dress paired with lovely heels and some jewelry

Picture of the Week

~ Hope you all have a fabulous weekend ~


  1. CUTE!! love the collage..
    the bed is like a dream..i wanna go in it right now.


  2. Omg, the bed picturr is amazing! And the collage is adorable. Both of them

  3. I totally agree with both Pearl and Viktoria! The bed picture is amazing, very new...i love the whole fantasy that you see in this photo! you can make your own story up by just looking at the bed! You have a great eye for shoes!!! i absolutely love your outfit too!