Thursday, November 11, 2010

Autumn Home Decorations

With a few autumn home decorating ideas you can easily bring the warmth and liveliness of the fall season into your home decor. Autumn evokes thoughts of bright colored leaves turning the landscape into a change of color, crisp fallen leaves under foot, a chill in the air and cozying up to a warm fire with a mug of hot chocolate or warm apple cider.

Here are a few photos of decorating ideas from my own home, other blogs and the web.

{ Showcase the Harvest of the season}

{Candles are a perfect way to create a warm and cozy fall decorating atmosphere in your home}

{ }

{ }

{Some great ideas on how to decorate a mantle}

{ }

{ }
{ Beautiful table decor}

{ Great way to decorate a dessert table for a thanksgiving dinner}

{ Use up those empty vases with some wood sticks and pin cones by the fireplace }

{ Put out some fall colored flowers on the porch, great way to use up a pumpkin }

{ Fall wreath will always dress up your door }

~ Some more of my own home Autumn Decorations ~

{ Table decor}
{ Fall bouquet}
{ Sadly I don't have a fireplace mantle but  I do have a console top where my TV stands so i put out a fall garland, which worked perfectly with out distracting from watching TV }

Hope these great Autumn decorations inspired you to decorate your home for the season. Since Thanksgiving is coming up and most will have family over these are great ways to cozy up your place.



  1. Ah, I love Autumn! I just can't wait to grow up, move out into my own place and decorate it just the way I like it!:) Gorgeous Decor!

  2. everything looks beautiful!!
    your soo good at doing decor and of course everything else!

  3. Oh I love this time of the year! And i especially loved your home decor.. I loved all the colors and my favorite was the white little pumpkin! it makes everything stand out! :)

  4. Girl! You are so awesome.
    thanks for posting my pics.
    and your decor is very lovely!
    I too love the white pumpkin.