Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our New Home

So about 3 weeks ago we moved in to a new place. 
I literally never want to move again. 
Even though it all took pretty much only a day to do, it was still a very big hassle.. not a fan!! But i am truly happy and blessed to have gotten this great place. 
Still a lot of decorating to do and still need to buy a lot of stuff but slowly and surely will get it done, eventually.
Here are some pictures of Our New Home.

Master Bathroom:
My lovely Bath tub..

Still searching for a pretty, big mirror to put above the bath tub on that empty wall..

2 sink counter top

Master bathroom also has a shower and a separate room for the toilet.

Master Bedroom:
 Nothing to special, still my old room furniture. 
Trying to figure out what I want to hang above the bed... 

Decent size kitchen.

Great appliances

My cute tea pot on top of some recipe books.

My poppy seed flowers. 
Cute decorative plate and birdie that my mother gave me.

Fresh bouquet of flowers on my bar table area.
Pretty pink frame that was gifted to me by my lovely sis.
Birdie #2 from my mother.

Our table with a hanging light that came with the condo.
Planning to hang up my Gold frames on the walls  

 Living Room:
My empty living room lol
Still looking for a coffee table, 2 chairs and a lil table to put between the chairs i will be eventually getting. Also getting a chandelier hung up.
Hung up pretty curtains, and have no clue what I will be putting up on the empty wall above the sofa... 
Any suggestions??

Our new sofa.. the color turned out to be a bit darker then I wanted but it still looks great..
& my collection of pillows.

Our lovely fireplace that I cant wait to use in the winter...
Yes, yes I do live in Florida but it gets COLD here.. Trust me.

Hallway that leads to Hubby's Office, Guest Bedroom and second Bathroom.
Want to put a cute lil table in front of the mirror with some flowers.
Didn't take pictures of that yet.. Once its more decorated I will def post some pictures.

Balcony Views:
Pretty sunset over the golf course from our balcony 

2 of our balcony's

Master bedroom window with my pretty flower pots.

Still empty, but hoping this weekend ill be able to plant some beautiful flowers.

 So that is our new home.. 
Any suggestions on what to do with my empty walls and empty corners..? 
I would love to hear all your opinions.


  1. ahhhhhh, your place looks great! Im loving the kitchen and that royal bathtub.

    I wish I could give you some ideas on decorating but omg, I am not good at that. lol.

  2. Love the balconies! Ah moving into a new house is always special!

    I'd paint the walls with vibrant colors... though that might be because I'm tired of the beige walls at my place!


  3. WOW I would trade my apartment with you in a heartbeat!! Let me know if you ever wanna move to sweden haha ^^

  4. wow the bath and the sofa re amazing !!!!
    im coming to you and testing your bath tub :P,okay ? :-*

  5. I want to take a bath in your beautiful bathtub! :) it looks so peaceful and relaxing!

  6. Gorgeous place! I love the kitchen and the tiled floors throughout! You and your husband def. have great taste!


  7. It looks truly beautiful! <3 I love the bathtub! Be sure to enter my £100 ASOS giveaway!


  8. OH MY GOSH!
    It looks amazing :D
    I absolutely love the bathroom!

  9. Your bathroom is stunning! and THAT bath tub gosh. I bet your loving your new place. xxx

  10. I want your bathtub and those flower boxes. Beautiful. Have fun decorating.

    * Julia

  11. AnonymousJune 24, 2011

    You're so lucky!!! I love it! everything about your new home is so cute :)

  12. Your home is so beautiful! And I love your bathtub!

  13. Your new home is beautiful! I just found your blog through a mutual blog we follow. I love it! I am a new follower :) Follow me too if you like!

    xoxo- Denise