Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Random Pretty things i like.. 

Okay so I am still waiting for my bike.. especially with a basket of flowers like this..
A lot of exploring and flower picking to be done around my new place.. 

The length, the color & the thickness... Gorgeous!
I kinda want to color my hair this color.....

What a smart idea.. 
I love it, now I need to find something like this for my bathtub.. 

Such a beautiful picture!

Adorable, creative cake.

Aww, I would love to walk up and down this little street.

In Love with this dress!

Will attempt to do this to my hair..

Beautiful choice of flowers, love how they are placed!

Flowers =) 

Gorgeous setting for an outside party.

Have a mirror but no frame.. Decorate with beautiful flowers..

Love pleated skirts and dresses!

Ummm what if cut my hair .. like this!?

So peaceful & beautiful!!

Stunning dress and headband..


  1. The flower basket is so nice - now I definitely want to hook one up to my bike!


  2. such feminine, light and inspirational photos! great stuff :)))

  3. gorgeous photos! :] Love everything! ;]

  4. so many gorgeous things! love that pleated skirt, the bike and that dotted wedding dress! just lovely :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  5. I love that bike <3 Remember to enter my £100 ASOS giveaway!


  6. My gosh these pictures are so inspiring and beautiful!!! And I suggest you to color your hair like that.. It's an amazing color <3

  7. love your posts hunni!! definitely look forward to your new posts, you inspire me to be more creative! ooh and that green skirt in the above post, i have same EXACT one! i got it at urban outfitters on sale for $20 not too long ago, you should deff check it out!!