Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DIY Christmas Wreath

This season I'm feeling a bit Crafty.. 
I decided to make my own wreath, will be making my own stockings {will be posting later this week} and other Christmas decor.

Wreath Base ~ $3.50 {Walmart}
Pine Cones ~ $1.00 each per bag {Dollar store}
Cranberries ~ $1.00 each per bouquet {Dollar Store}
Lace ~ $1.50 at most {Fabric Store}
Hot glue gun ~ $2.00 {Walmart}

I got most of the supplies at the Dollar Store, $1 for a bouquet of cranberries and a $1 for a bag of pine cones which I bought 2 of each { I had some at home also, so you might need 3 of each}
I had Lace at home but you could get some at Joann's, Walmart or any Fabric place.
Wreath base I purchased at Walmart for $3.50.

Get your base ready and turn your hot glue gun ON to heat up

Put some hot glue on each pine cone and stick it randomly any where on the wreath base and hold for about 10 seconds.

After you have placed all the pine cones around the wreath base take your cranberry bouquets and take the cranberry bunch off the stems.
Put some hot glue on the end of the cranberry bunch and stick them in between the pine cones all around the wreath.

Get your lace out {optional}
Tie a bow and cut off the lenght you want to hang and hot glue it to the wreath where ever you want.
I added a little cranberry bunch in the middle of the bow.

I also added a little red birdie on the wreath
Hope this was helpful, it should cost you around $10 in all to make... 
Way better then up to $40 at the store.. and it is fun to make.
Just be careful of the hot glue gun...


  1. so gorgeous! you did a great job!

  2. too cute, crafty thing, you! :)

  3. It looks so darling! <3 I love the little bird!

    Lost in the Haze

  4. now if I felt I had domestic time I would be making this for sure!

    Classic & Bubbly

  5. this is so beautiful! thanks for sharing. You'e so creative, I love the lacy touch


  6. i love it!!! and i love how thrifty you are! such great prices. it looks like it cost a lot more but how awesome to know that it didn't. thanks for the inspiration :) i'll be visiting the dollare tree. lol

  7. you're so crafty!! :) looks great!

  8. that's beautiful! i wish i would've thought of cranberries when i made our wreath... what a perfect pop of color! now i'm trying to figure out if there's way to incorporate them after the fact, haha. love your blog!

  9. I love this project! I have three windows in front of my house that I wold love to hang wreaths on. This project is affordable enough that I might be able to actually do it this year! Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. What a pretty wreath! Very cost effective making it yourself too! Nice!
    Thanks for visiting my blog! <3

  11. gorgeous! i love the lace bow : )

  12. wonderful! :) You're my follower on GFC, can I ask you to follow me also on Bloglovin'?
    Because GFC doesn't work well! Thank you :)

  13. So lovely!

    I still haven't glued mine togethr, it's waiting for me on the kitchen table.