Thursday, September 29, 2011

Retail Therapy this month

Its no secret.. I Love to Shop

I love a new piece of clothing, I love to wear new things, but I do love to be frugal
Love to find great things for a great price! 

So here are some things I bought this month at least things I remember buying this month..
I have a bad memory :-/

This dress i bought at Marshall's for $20.. Great place to shop!
But... I still haven't worn it cause i feel as if it looks funny on me.. I like dresses to be longer on me so i got a medium.. But it seems to be fitting wrong on me, kinda to large. Need to find a great belt for it maybe then it'll fit good. 

This two dresses were $13 each at Forever 21. 
Dark purple and a brownish gold color. Both go all the way down to the floor, have only worn the purple one so far but excited to wear the other one when it gets a bit cooler out.
They go great with a belt and some cute bracelets. 

Blazer from Cotton on for $30 I believe.. 
Fits great and excited to wear it for fall. Below is a close of pic of the material. 

My fav blouse from Forever 21.. Dont member the price. 
But fits perfectly and goes with everything!

Maxi skirt also from Forever 21 $12.
Love the material and looks great paired with the blouse above or a tank and belt. 

Dont member where i got this one.... 
But a fun skirt with pockets. 

So I'm not a fan of jeans.. I only wear them when i have to like if its super cold out..Only wear them like 2-3 months out of the year tops. Well as much as i dont like them it was time to get some new ones before it gets cold and these were a great deal at Pacsun. Buy one get one free, one pair was $49.50. So two pairs of jeans for $50 not bad. They fit great and feel very nice on.  Got one pair flared and other skinny. Need a pair of skinny's for boots. 

Got this lovely bracelet at Forever for like $3....
Gold, my fav color..  
 {Side Note} Check out my nails.. Did them my self pretty proud of how they turned out. Nude with Gold tip.{Side Note Over}

Check out my sexy watch with brown leather straps. 
Got this one at Macy's for $55 & I Love it! 
Really wanted a all Gold or Rose Gold Micheal Kors watch but kinda got over it, seemed like every one had one so i decided to go for something diff. 

Me and Hubs got these bracelets at Cotton On for a dollar each he got a brown and I got a blue and pink with charms. It was for a charity cause.

Brown heels at Marshall's for $30 i believe.. 
I love them super comfy and go with everything. 

Later i'll do a post on the products and make up i also bought this month. 
Some I  liked and some not so much...


  1. i love all of this! so many great items :)

    ps. i was just thinking how awesome your nails looked and then i read that you pointed them out! haha you did a great job, they look fantastic1

  2. Love that have some great pieces honey! I'd love to have you link up with me tomorrow for Fashion Friday! Come check it out. Have a great night honey...oh btw don't forget to enter my 2 year blogoversary giveaway!

    Kori xoxo

  3. LOVE LOVE the blazer! So gorgeous x

  4. love the vintage watch:)kisses La Folie