Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Its been a While my Friends..

With so much going on these days I have abandoned my lil blog world! 
But I am back and hopefully will keep it up to date from now on.

This past weekend me and my hubs moved out of our apartment that we first lived in as husband and wife for the 2 first years of our marriage. 
It was a cute & lovely little place that has lots of memories that will always be remembered. 
But.... I definitely am glad to have moved out in to a bigger and better place to start the third year of our lives together. 

I am in LOVE with our new place and am so excited to start decorating!! 

Here are some pictures of the outside of our complex..

The building it self..

Balcony views..

 One of the courtyards.. 

 I will be posting more detailed pictures of the inside and all of my decorating process very soon =) 


  1. Congrats on the new place :)


  2. Welcome back! Your apartment complex is gorgeous!

  3. Wow, it must have beautiful views!


  4. Wow...it looks amazing!Love it!

  5. Beautifull photos!i really like ur blog.i am follwing you :) i hope u'll follow back!

  6. Im excited for you guys! Looking forward to seeing more pics and what you will do with the place :)