Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Change of color... Once again.

I recently got my hair done well like 3 weeks ago.. 
I was looking through some old pictures and gosh have I changed my hair color a lot.
I saved some pictures and thought I would share my Hair Color Changes over the years, with you.

Not sure what pictures were taken in what year, but i put them all in order to my best knowledge...

 This is a picture with my Natural Hair Color before I did anything to it..
I was about 14-15 years old here..

Then i decided to go Red..

After the red hair i decided to try going blonde by my self... lol
It turned in to a gold color haha

Bleached my hair a little more to get it more blonde..

After all the attempts of going blonde my self, I sort of damaged my hair so I decided to color it a Brown Color and cut it all off.

My second attempt at going blonde & it was a success of course with professional help.

On my Wedding day.. =) 
I was still blonde but not so platinum anymore, got extensions put in for my Special Day..

Growing my hair out and trying to get a more natural blonde hair color..

Got some subtle low lights in.. 

Put in more low lights {Really liked this color}

Then went all Brown again..

Then went all the way Black..

After the black got a bit annoying i got some pee-ka-boo highlights put in at the bottom..

Then got the Ombre Hair look with Dark Brown on top and the bottom was light..

After the highlights started to fade at the bottom it came out to be a really pretty and Subtle Ombre Hair look..

But then i decided  to get all over highlights to go for a lighter look..

& this is my hair now =) 

Third time going light.. 
Crazy gosh but you know I'm young and still have pretty healthy hair so why not! =)

How many times have you changed your hair color?


  1. glad i discovered your blog today! i am SO BORING with my hair compared to you! you look great in all different shades and styles :)

    joAnn @ http://idratherbeshopping.wordpress.com

  2. haha you are like me... i always get bored with my hair. I like your natural colour the best in the first photo and the colour that you said you liked before you started going dark again. All colours suit you tho...

  3. I have never dared to dye my hair! It's very dark brown with it's own red and dark blonde highlights. I'm always afraid that if I experiment, it will never look like it does now again. ha. I'm a scardy cat. BUT, it's fun to look at other people who dare! Your hair always looks awesome, no matter what color you've had it.

  4. Thanks for the comment and follow, i've returned the favour :)
    Your new hair colour is gorgeous!


  5. Anya!! Your hair grows 5 inches a day!!! It has gotten soo long since you cut it! Love every single color on you! The darker the better I think. :)

  6. Brown looks good on you! I never changed my i colour hair, but i thing i'm also going to start with red :)

  7. You have had so many hair colours but they all really suit you!!
    I've experimented a bit with colour, I've been (natural) brunette, bright red, purplish plum coloured and black (by mistake!) but have never gone lighter because I don't think it would look nice on me at all
    Beth @ Baking and Brogues

  8. I love that you mapped out your hair adventures. I must admit that I LOVE your hair red. No matter what, you look gorgeous.
    My hair is naturally dark brown, but for the past five years or so, I have been getting auburn highlights put in, so it isn't very dark anymore. It's medium brown with a lot of red, which I love. It lightened my entire look.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. Oh I feel you! i love changing the color of my hair :)

  10. This is such a cool post!!
    you are very pretty and lucky in the way you suit many hair colours.
    I have been so many different colours too... light brown, dark brown with copper, dark brown/black, dark brown with bright red strips, brown with a red flash, all over red, all over copper, bright purple, magenta/plum and now a horrible faded mahogany colour



  11. Holy smokes! I have always had the same hair colour (boring). You seriously looked great with every single colour!

    (love the pics of you on your wedding day btw, so lovely)


  12. wow! you look so different with every colour!
    ive been dying my hair since i was 13!

  13. love your blog and thanks for the follow. I am new to the blog world so I have a lot to learn from you. I realize, you just gotta blog about what you love and it will come. :) Thanks!!!! -- Chiara @ Mylittletiara.blogspot.com

  14. I went from long straight dark, to long straight red, to long blonde curls to long straight black, to long straight purple, to blonde extensions, to a brown pixie cut to a red bob, and am now long blonde again!
    Your pics are lovely, especially your wedding day :)
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, am now a follower :)

  15. Thank you for your comment)
    looking good)

    I shall be glad if you'll follow me, and I'm yours)


  16. Your not the only one that gets bored easily! but my faves are the reds and browns!check out my blog!

  17. Thanks for visiting my blog huni. You look gorgeous in your pics, and omg your wedding day wow so pretty! Love your hair now and when you were platinum blonde best x


  18. I prefer you now! Your blog is so nice! I follow u!
    pass to mine and follow me too :)
    kisses francesca

  19. its amazing how many hair colors you can pull off!
    i really love the dark hair on you! but second choice would be the all the way blonde!

    your a beautiful women!

  20. You do change your hair alot! And you suit so many different styles! But I have to say I love it lighter like it is now! Thankyou for your comment on my blog, I'll follow you back!

  21. I like change the colour of my hairs, it's really funny and you can do waht you want, because you are beautiful! :) Thanks so much for your comment, follow each other ? :D


  22. thank you so much! ;)

  23. Wow, you are so pretty! :)


  24. I think this latest look you have going on is your best so far. It suits you perfectly :)

  25. Wow, you've had it all! And I must say, all those colours look amazing on you! Thank you for visiting and following my blog, I will follow you too!
    Love, Donna.

  26. love your blog !
    do you wanne follow us, than we can follow you back.


    H&C fashionblog from amsterdam

  27. Thank you for the comment on my blog :)

    You are very pretty!

    I'm following you back.

    xoxo F.

  28. I am so loving all the pictures and different colors :D I think your natural color is pretty but I am loving you in all the color. You're just so pretty so everything suits you ^^



  29. Dang girl! I gotta say the first time I ever saw you was on your wedding day and I thought you were so pretty in your gorgeous dress. I loved your blond hair!!

  30. Great Blog :)

    Following you :D


  31. Beautiful hair!!! Great blog!



  32. now you are so cute :D

  33. oh wow, I think you beat me! You have the kind of skin tone that seems to look great which just about ANY colour, i think your natural tone and the platinum blonde are persoanlly my fave on you. Loving your blog!

  34. Such a beauty!!!!

    МНе оочень нравишься ты во всех образах! свои волосы меняла много раз... :)

  35. Hey sweety,thanks for the comment on my blog:) YOu look fantastic any any hair colour but I must be honest the blonde is fabulous:) You looked gorgeous:)

    I am now following your blog.



  36. I love Your Final Picture!!! You look Beautiful!!!

  37. I think you found a winner in your most recent color! Love it!

  38. I think you found the ultimate hair colour doll!!Although you look gorgeous in all of your pictures!!Such a pretty face!!Happy to find your blog!!


  39. Wow, all colours look great on you! I've never coloured my hair